Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Teacher knowledge...

Kebosanan yang melanda,
di samping ketekanan yang dirasai kerana final exam,
jari ni laju sahaja nak taip apa yang dipelajari sem nieh...
quite useful especially for teachers.

There are 7 teacher knowledge :

(1) Content knowlegde
Content knowledge is about knowing more about the subject that a teacher want to teach. Teacher must make sure that the subject/ topic have connections with other subject or topic. Content knowledge is divided by two which are substantive ( facts, principles, concepts, organized) and syntactics ( new knowledge).

(2) General pedagogical knowlegde
Pedagogical knowledge is divided by two which are specific and general. By pedagogical knowledge, teacher can choose or match the subject content with appropriate methods or strategies. We can say that general pedagogical knowledge is a principle/ strategies of the classroom management. Contain knowledge, belief and skills. Pedagogy is more about the subject itself where teacher must mastered the subject or topic in order to make sure the student can understand more about the subject or topic.

(3) Knowledge of curriculum
Knowledge of curruculum is a set of characteristics which are indiction and contradiction. From the lesson plan, knowledge of curriculum contain three learning which are learning domain, learning outcomes, and learning activities.

(4) Knowledge of learners
Before teach the students, teacher must know the knowledge of the learners to make sure how much they already know. Each students have their own learning styles. Some are imaginative learners, analytical learners, practical learners and dynamic learners.

(5) Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK)
PCK is a domain of knowlegde that was different from both knowledge of the content and general knowledge of teaching. There are three knowledge bases; which are content, pedagogical and contextual transform understanding to the instructional form. PCK involves interesting and meaningful representations, integration of ideas, clear examples, helpful analogies, important connections and relationships between various ideas.

(6) Knowledge of educational ends, purpose and values, and philoshopical and historical grounds

(7) Knowlegde of educational context
Knowledge of educational context is the knowledge of the school, classroom and all the setting. All about the local community, the school's environment and its culture, the education department's guidelines and student's backgrounds.

 Well, I just type till here only...All the info, I get it from the book with title " Teaching Mathematics in Secondary School" . The writer are Prof Madya Dr Noor Shah Saad and...( Sorry not remember)....
Well...that all for today....

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