Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Learn till u die!!!

Nowadays, English is important in our daily life. Why? To make our life easy when we got to meet other people from outside Malaysia. However, how to speak in English better? There is some steps that I can share with all of you…
  1. Learn how to read and speak primary English. Just try to start as soon as you can. To keep in touch with the language is, maybe, the most important step on learning any language.
  2. Practice. Learning English requires a lot of practice, so don't wait! Try borrowing some books from a friend and try to talk with your friends that have better skills than you do in English, even if you're in a country which the native language is not English.
  3. Get talking. Grammar is important, but the only way to fix all those rules in your mind is through conversation. Don't ever forget that!
  4. Think in English. Many languages have similar rules, but remember: When learning a language, use Translation only in the beginning! If you use translation a lot, this might become an addiction, which won't let you to think in English. Thinking in the language is mandatory, after a certain point.
  5. Get a bunch of books written for young people. They are written in plain English and it's a good way to start, before reading any more complex books.
This steps may looks like simple for some people and may look like hard to follow. But just remember, English is important even our daily language is Bahasa Malaysia. Some tips from me...

1. Try speak in English with your friends.
2. Reads a lot. Reading books is a good way to improve your English. When reading, read them aloud, so you can practice your pronunciation. Remember that books are, maybe, the best teachers you'll ever get! They give you new vocabulary, practice your grammar(since you see a lot of sentences, this helps you to memorize the rules) and give you more control of the language.
3. Watching TV and listening to the talk back radio will effectively improve your English. Watching the news is a good way to start, because most of the journalists speak very clearly, without strong accents.
4. If you LOVE singing, try follow the song. Remember the lyric may help you to pronounce better.
5. If you have English classes in school, then listen carefully in those and be engaged in them. Try to have the best possible degree there, and always in lessons speak English when asking your English teacher questions or answering questions.
So, whenever you meet an outsider when walking around, you may help them if they askin for help. You may get a new friends, perhap..huhu...See, English give you many advantage right? But PLEASE never forget your own language.Ok?? I wish you good luck in trying to improve your English. GAMBATE KUDASAI.

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