Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Journey

Everyday is every new step for me to go ahead from the past...running away from the nerd me to the new me...guin out from the circle of my life...guin out to the new side of world dat i hve never dream decision to go to mtrx teach me, show me the other side of this world...i got new pwen, i got new experience and i got the new me...i hve never thought dat i can do things by myself...facing new face with new attitude and i knew the reality of this world...hypocrite and selfish even the kindness person in the world...i got the cultural shock but i completely knew how to control the feelin..thanks to God that guide me in my life...but seem like i hate myself coz changing to fast...i love the old me but sumtime i luv the new me too...both make my life colourful but also make me feel strange...OMG..did i look like i never satisfy with myself??? seem like yes...why did i like this..i should noe everything happen hve it owns reasons...people change time by time to improve themselves...i do improve myself, oh yes i do..but sumtime i feel like weird...dunno why...dude, juz b long as u r happy, its doesn`t matter what kind of u are...but trully shock when i compare da old me and da new me...too much changes..hehe...what did i write here??? too much bla bla bla main point actually...juz say out what i did not satisfy..hehe

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